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Why GratitudeJournal and What is GratitudeJournal? Gratitude and Appreciation are some of the most transformative energies that are available to us.

The Universe acts much like a giant photocopier - bringing you more and more of what you already claim to have. Gratitude is becoming consciously aware of all that is there for us in life, and then acknowledging the gift.

Gratitude releases a dynamic current of energy flow of the highest vibrations into the universe, which magically returns to you in physical form, more of what you are grateful for.

-- http://www. theiamgratefulproject. orgGratitudeJournal is a database program that you can use to record your daily expressions of gratitude.

To protect your privacy, this program has two levels of protection. First, access to the program is password protected and, second, the gratitude journal entry stored in the program's database file is encrypted.

About this Program1. In the program's main window, you can choose to display an image file. Choose a photo file from your computer's folder that helps you get into the appreciative mood.

You can change the image at any time. The program remembers which image you have selected and will display it whenever you run the program. The image file formats supported are: Jpeg, GIF, PNG, PhotoCD, PhotoShop.

psd files, PCX, TGA, TIF, DDS and BMP. 2. You can easily add new entries. There are only two input textboxes for you to enter. The others are automatically filled.

You only enter the Subject and the Gratitude Journal entry. Note that the gratitude journal entry is encrypted before it is stored in the database.

3. Searching for entries by subject is also very easy and fast. You can enter partial search strings and click the Go button. The list of matching subjects found will be listed in the listbox.

To view the details, click the listbox item. 4. You can easily browse entries. When in the program's Browse mode, the program automatically retrieves all the subjects and fills the listbox.

The first item in the listbox is then displayed. You can use the arrow up and arrow down keys to navigate through the entire database. 5. Editing of existing entries is very easy and flexible.

You can edit any record either in Search mode or in Browse mode. After making the changes, click the Save button and your edited record will be saved.

6. It is also easy to delete any entry. You can delete any record when you are either in Search mode or in Browse mode. To delete any record, first select the item in the listbox, then view the details to confirm that you really want to delete it.

If you are sure, click the Delete button. To protect against accidental deletion, the program will ask you to confirm the deletion. 7. This program uses a very fast and efficient embedded SQL engine.

It also has a menu option for you to compact its database so as to reclaim unused space after the deletion of many records. 8. This program is fast.

The main program is coded completely in assembly language. Note. This program automatically stores all program settings, i. e. your selected image file's location as well as user preferences.

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